Friday, July 31, 2009

Some Game Reviews of games I am currently playing.

So many Computer Games and so little time to play/enjoy them. The following is a few games I am enjoying at the moment and my feelings about them.

First up: Fallout 3 - I have been playing this for actually quite a while. I have beaten the main games missions and have The Pitt and Operation Anchorage addons. I currently am trying out The Pitt but am disappointed that you basically have to start over with weapons and clothes. I may leave that one for later. I have not tried Operation Anchorage yet but plan on trying that next. I also have to explore a ton more in the game as I went directly to finishing the game as fast as I could. I think I may start over with a new character and try to explore as much as I can this time around. Plus with this game there is a ton of downloadable content at the moment so the game is well worth it.

Second Up: [PROTOTYPE]™ - I just started playing this and it seems to have a great story as well as great visuals. Runs really smooth on my machine (which it should as I just upgrade to 8 gig of memory and have a decent video card.) I have been taking this game slowly as I am still trying to master the controls. It is a third person view game that is a mix of GTA4, Tekken fighter, crysis (for tank/helo game play), and Assassins Creed for acrobatics. I have been only playing one mission and a couple EP Point games each time I play it to enjoy it and get used to it.

Third Up: FarCry 2 - I have been playing this game for what seems like forever. I am not as impressed as when I first started it. It takes a while to get anywhere and the fights are fairly predictable. If you like hunting for diamonds you will like this game as it takes forever to upgrade anything. Leave it for the cheap bin when you have finished all the other good games.

Fourth Up: Crysis and Crysis Warhead - I recently finished both of the single player of these and may try out Crysis War Multiplayer here when I get a chance. Quite good games but you have to have a beast of a system to run them on full Graphics. Single player is quite fun and challenging. Great story and Crysis 2 looks really promising.

Fifth Up: BioShock - I have been in the middle of this game for a while as well. The reason for this is my disk got scratched and I have not been able to play much since then. I may have to find a no-cd crack to finish this game but for the moment gave up. Loved the game but got lost a few times so that made it not as fun. Overall a great game and worth the now 30 dollar purchase.

Sixth Up: Assassins Creed - I am really stuck in this game at the moment so have given it up till I get interested again. Great game but a few missions are very tough so beware for some frustration. I may have to get some ideas from Tutorials (which I hate to do) to get ideas for how to complete the one I am on. Great game and again should be about 30 bucks now.

Seventh Up: Halo and Halo 2 (Both PC) - Yes I have this game and never completed the single player. I got so far and then gave up. Since I have been watching Red Vs Blue again I have been wanting to replay this badly and may re-install it again. UPDATE: Just bought Halo 2 for the PC since it was 15 bucks at Fred Meyer. So far very fun but seems to be quite redundant of Halo. I doubt Halo 3 will ever go to PC so I may never get to finish the story and will never own an XBOX 360 or console platform other then Nintendo Platforms. (Getting a Wii this fall)

Well there you go. A run down of a few games I am in the middle of and never have time to finish. I did not even talk about the games like FT2, L4D, or COD 4 that I play online so when all is said and done there are plenty of things to occupy all that free time I have. (LOL) Enjoy your gaming and look me up if you want to play something online. Steam ID: EDOX, MSN Gamer Tag EDOX33