Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Domain issues

I have had my domain for a while, 2005 I think. I have also had Google Workspaces email for that domain for at least 10 years until recently. Google decided it needed to get money for what they had been giving away for free for years. I really cannot aford $400+ a for about 4 family email addresses and so looked to my domain host to do my email. What a pain the last week has been. I switched it all over to my host Midphase last Thursday and once it propagated I was then unable to make any email addresses. I chatted with support, they updated some TXT records and then said you know what we need to escalate this. That was over 5 days ago. It has been like pulling teeth to get anyone to look at this issue. I have chatted with support twice and they said both times they talked to an engineer and got it to the top of the queue. Nothing. I just did it again this evening but am not holding my breath that anything will happen overnight. (Midphase has departments located in the UK and Utah and should have tech support 24/7/365. Here is to getting my email fixed soon or I may have to ask for my money back and go look at getting it hosted somewhere else. Damn that felt good to vent.