Thursday, February 4, 2010

Gaming Update

Well it has been a while since I last posted so I will do a gaming update. I have not had a ton of time in recent weeks to do much gaming due to work and family stuff. Audrey is in school and has been utilizing the office for studying. I do not honestly mind her taking over that space and using it to it's full advantage so she can get some quiet to get her papers and studying done.

I do tend to game on the weekends and recently have played some TF2, Bioshock (Trying to finish this for Bioshock 2), Borderlands (Walkthrough 2 and I may pick up an add-on here soon), and just started Mass Effect. (Quite good and in the same vein of KOTOR, though a bit more FPS).

If anyone is interested in doing Borderlands add me in game or on steam and we will get to it. I heard one of the add-on's has a safe so you can store guns in it which is awesome. I have a few I would like to keep so I can swap out sets etc.

Anyway I am still gaming just doing a bit less during the week.